My story ends with my two beautiful daughters Makenzie Kai and Dilan Sage but begins with something not nearly as sweet and pure.

My husband and I experienced challenges when trying to conceive children the first few years of our marriage. After many difficult doctor visits and intrusive tests I decided to take a step away from it all. I began reading about my “disease” endometriosis and alternative holistic methods to deal with my excruciating pain and unexplained infertility. This journey led me to a gluten free, clean eating, lifestyle. It was difficult at first as I am an avid bread lover. What would I do about my Sunday morning pancakes and waffles? Pizza, sandwiches and of course all of the cakes and cookies I’d have to give up. I immediately began researching all of the gluten free options for me and sad to say, they were limited at best. This led me to experimenting with different flours, recipes, and countless hours in the kitchen. I had to find a way to still enjoy the Sunday morning breakfasts my family had become so fond of!
My kitchen suddenly became the test kitchen for all things yummy that now had to be gluten free. I also eliminated any processed and refined products, artificial flavors, and anything that I couldn’t pronounce. I slowly converted all of our favorite recipes to gluten free healthier versions and of course my husband was the number one self-appointed test taster. I’d finally created gluten free versions of my husband’s favorite chocolate cake, cookies, bread and of course our Sunday morning pancakes and waffles!

Once I fully embraced my gluten free lifestyle, I began noticing that my nonstop pain was less severe, my digestion was better and I overall just simply felt better. I felt like a brand new woman. Soon, my family and friends began to request their favorite gluten free recipes and of course encouraged me to sell my food. After several years and two daughters later, Yummies by Kai Sage was born.

Now we are bringing our yummy and delicious foods that just happen to be gluten free to you! From our hearts to your tummies enjoy your yummies!